Here's your Free front row seat to the Sales session from the 1 Day Workshop we ran at the Master Builders Association on the Gold Coast - This event cost punters $795 but the entire event with all 8 sessions is yours for only $97! Click the link below to Buy Now and access the full course
What we cover in this exclusive event…..

1) How to increase your profits, improve your cash flow and get money in faster
2) The secret process the top 3% of builders use to generate a constant flow of profitable work
3) The one thing you should never do when pricing your work (you’re probably doing this now)
4) The right and wrong way to build systems and structure into your business
5) The amazingly simple but powerful and little known process for recruiting the right people
6) What 87% of Builders and contractors don’t know about gaining control of their time. How you can become pro-active instead of re-active
7) One of life’s most important leadership lessons and how to create time for the things you enjoy
8) The harsh reality behind why most builders fail and how to avoid it
9) The proven step by step process for building a business that generates profitable cash-flow to fuel your investments

Not only will you get access to all of the above information but you will also have an exclusive opportunity to work personally 1 on 1 with Kurt Hegetschweiler or Alex A putting these proven systems and processes in place in your business!